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 21st - 22nd  June 2008

54 descendants of Nicolao Orzali  participated to the 22nd simposium held in Brancoli, 4 of them coming from United States and 5 from France, with all others coming from Lucca and its  province, Brescia and Rome.

Saturday,  June 21st

First day was in Lucca, visiting the interesting exhibition "Puccini and Lucca - Images and Documents of the life of the Maestro - Palazzo Guinigi"
where we found rifererence to our ancestor  Gaetano, well known engineer and architett during early '900 for his design 

of the modifications to the Teatro del Giglio in Lucca - 1931.



Original drawing by Gaetano Orzali


We passed the evening in Ponte a Moriano with a nice dinner organized and "cooked" by Giacomo, Franco and all their families,  we would like to thank  and  lovely regard.



The final cake with our family shield was un-expected !!!




Sunday,  June 22nd

After the  Holy Mass, traditionally celebrated in the Chearch of S.Giorgio in Brancoli, the usual lunch in S.Giusto di Brancoli, during which  all the participants cooperated in the revision  of our genealogical tree last edition and to the issue of new projects for the family.

A warm thank to everyone and see You in  2009!


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