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 Saturday,  June 13th


Here we are one more time, all together for the traditional introduction to the offical meeting, in the fresh relaxing hills of Stabbiano area, around Lucca.

A typical Lucchese dinner allows to discuss important developments for conservation and transmission of all the informations concerning our Family.



34 are the participants, part of them will be present also tomorrow at the official programme.




Sunday,  June 14th

This year we are 40, coming from :

France         (Gaston, Georgette, Catherine and her companion)
United States  (a special tank to Justin from Kentuky, the 
                            participant was coming from the longer
Svizzera           (Lenore, Lorenza and Clarissa)
and from several parts of Italy  (Brescia, Roma, Verona and obviously Lucca).

 The official photo outside the  S.Giorgio Church in Brancoli ....

....and the following official lunch with the analisys of the genealogical tree and the proposals for modifications.















A special regard to Lenore (first on left),
the Angelo Orzali's wife, who from the top of her ... years (never say the age of a lady...) has enchanted all of us with her energy and vitality

The appointment for all the presents and, especially, the absent ones, is  for next year!

For any further information please send a message to


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