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Saturday, 25th June

What is this confusion
outside the
Town Art Gallery..... 

..the Orzali are here!

It was very interesting to visit villa Mansi with its paintings and very appreciated original internals. Official photo and let's go to the "spritz" ...

... and a nice pizza all together, close to the Anfiteatro square in Lucca.



Domenica 26 Giugno

11.00 o'clock, all together in San Giorgio for a remembering of our relatives and then "A Palazzo"!

The official phot to thank all the 42 participants, with a special regard to Joy, Joan, Emily, James, Kurt and Justin arrived from Ohio for this special event.   A worm welcome to Isabella, for her first sitting at our desk and to Rowan, the last Orzali just borned in the U.S.A.

See You next time in  2012!

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