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June 14th - 15th  2014

Saturday 14th June

   16.30 P.M.

We are all on time this year. It 'a beautiful sunny day, not too warm, and we leave for ....

..the oak tree where the Cat and the Fox hung up Pinocchio, to steal his money!

then to continue to Montecarlo, beautiful village near Lucca, dominated by a fortress, wevisited guided by the.... owner(!)



Cocktails and dinner ... with rain this time.



Sunday 15th June

This year we gathered about thirty to remember our ancestors. A sentence of Norberto Bobbio (philosopher, jurist, historian, political scientist and Italian senator for life.) is perfectly suited to the spirit of our "Symposium"

" Remembering or even just imagining the life of a person, while long dead, we do live again, and we prevent falling back, if only for that moment, in nothingness." (Norberto Bobbio - La strage di Piazza Loggia - Morcelliana - Brescia).





A special thanks to those who come from so far away:

Andy and Rick  with thir wifes Teresa and Betty from California together with Diane and Robert from Oregon

and to the new generations, the future of our meetings and our memory

See You next Year!


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