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 16 - 17  June 2018

Saturday,  June 16th

  As planned, we were guests of the National Foundation Carlo Collodi for the delivery ceremony of the paint Ottaviano Orzali donated as per his last will.

The painting is a portrait of Giuseppe Orzali, uncle of Carlo Lorenzini, also said "Collodi". Giuseppe, brother of Collodi's mother Angela Orzali, hosted Carlo in his family to send him to school. This is why Carlo remained so tied with the town of Collodi.

Angela, daughter of the Marquises Garzoni's farmer, had in fact moved to Florence after her marriage with Domenico Lorenzini, chef of the Counts Ginori, from whom 10 children were born.
Carlo was the eldest.

Even today you can admire the splendid Villa Garzoni, here seen from the garden of the Collodi Foundation.

A special thanks to the whole Foundation for the warm welcome.

   After a short visit-aperitif in Pescia grand dinner "da Carla" in Sorana with mushrooms and fried rabbit, a very special Lucchese typical meal!

Sunday,  June 17th

   Traditional meeting place at the Church of S. Giorgio in Brancoli.
    Unfortunately there was no officiating attendant, but it was a nice moment of recollection and prayer in memory of all our loved ancestors.

And then .... all together "A Palazzo"

Arrivederci al prossimo anno!!!!

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